Marvel Birthday card


Here you can see the embossed background


I have been busy working on a garage sale and clean-up.  I have read the KonMari tidying books and am determined to complete the process.  The hardest part is not wanting to throw stuff in the garbage (I don’t want to increase the landfill more than I have to).  I just finished my front door waiting for donation pick up pile and it is LARGE!.Read More »


Craft Room through the decade. Video of Craft room/office tour part 2

Hello again!
I know!  Two posts in a row? I can’t believe it either. So as the title states, this is part 2 of my craft room/office tour series. This is the new room. It used to be a “formal” living room, or a parlor as it used to be called when this house was first built around 1920, for all of you history buffs.

We were lucky to have moved in after the old owner re-modeled the inside. So we have drywall (not plaster), new electrical, etc. Wanting to put our stamp on the house, we have made many changes and updates since we moved in, but this room is my absolute favorite. I share it with my husband and kitty. All 3 of us spend most of our indoor time here.

This room is about 20 feet long by 15 feet wide (6 meters by 4.5 meters). My craft area is about an 8 foot by 15 foot (2.4 meters by 4.5 meters) section. So plenty of room for all of my goodies! My plan is to have all my craft stuff stored in this section only, though let’s be real; we have a “Harry Potter” closet (under the stairs :), and some of my less used items may end up there.

Here you can see the living room when we first moved into the house:

North wall at move in

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Craft Room through the decade. Short video of Craft Room tour part 1.

Hey Guys!!

I am back with part 1 of my 3 part tour of my craft room/office.  I share this space with my husband.  We both enjoy a lot of indoor activities; playing computer games together (7 Days to Die), he enjoys many others and I love to paper craft.  When I first started this hobby back in 2003, in our old house, we had separate rooms, but tired of yelling across the hallway.  We decided it would be much better to be in the same room, so we moved all our stuff into the master bedroom and moved our bed into the old computer room.  We were very happy with that arrangement and kept it in our new house.

We have lived in our new place for 11 years now (I started filming this tour back in 2015-told you I was lazy) so craft room through the decade is no longer totally appropriate, but hopefully you won’t mind too much.

This tour is very short, so I hope you will put up with the bad filming.  I used my iPhone and even though I knew we would be moving rooms for at least a month, I did not plan ahead.  You will see my part of the room in all its messiness; and yes, that is how it usually looked.  Even though I had a place for most of the stuff, it was not well thought out or convenient to put stuff back where it belonged.  As I  write this, I am putting the finishing touches on my final craft room design.  I enjoy organizing and do it very often in my room and other parts of the house.  When I am finally finished, I will be a bit sad that all the organizing is done, but will be so nice to not have to move piles of stuff out of my way when I want to make a quick birthday card, which I never have enough of-do you find that too?

I hope you enjoy, even if you end up telling everyone you know how “you lost 2 minutes of your life watching some horrible video of an office that is so crowded, I can’t believe they find the door”. 🙂

This first tour is of the “office or den” of the house and includes the dining room and a view of the new room right after we moved into the house.  I include these so you can see more “before” views of the new space.

The craft room/office shown here and on the video is about 10 feet x 11 feet, with one wall having a bit of an odd angle. There are double doors to enter that swing inward, so that was a bit difficult to deal with when it came to furniture placement. Also there are 3 almost floor to ceiling windows with shutters, and do to the amount of furniture we had, we ended up placing it against the windows so most of the time the shutters remained closed with only the slats open to let in light.

Here is a very old before shot of some of my first pieces of craft furniture I purchased off of Craig’s list:
old cabinets before

And here is an after shot of the same wall with my current drawer storage piece:
new drawers after

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