Sympathy card video

Stenciled background sympathy card

Hey guys!!

Welcome to my second post.  Sorry about the delay, September was a bad month for me.  But October is here; I love the fall!!!  The colors, the cooler days and warmer clothes!!

Today’s card is a stenciled background sympathy card, but you can easily change out the sentiments and make this a birthday or anniversary card.

I am using Viva décor modeling cream is instead of plain embossing paste, and I love the pearly shine. However, you can add color or glitter or Perfect Pearl powder to white embossing paste for a similar look.  Be creative!!


Sorry about the sound quality.  I am still trying to figure out editing software and microphone issues.  These videos are much harder than they look and I give credit to all the crafty ladies who make a new one every day!!

all the products are linked below!!
“Stars in Heaven” quote stamp:stars in heaven
(I finally found the original stamp)

Sympathy is many hearts sharing one sorrow.
4003-G, Sympathy is
(stamp image approx. 2.25 x .5) in heaven


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